Thursday, April 17, 2014

Remembering Greg.

         Good morning!  Ah, the beauty of a pair of Balls!  Am I right?   And the wondrous sight of a furry Butt Hole!  What could be better to Meditate on and build your dreams around.  No matter if you are Str8, Gay or Bi..these man parts seem to rule our lives.  And I for one, think that is wonderful.  
        Often when I am doing my morning Practice and Meditation and the only thing that distracts my mind and soul are memories of his Beautiful Dick with firm Balls hanging.  I can almost  still taste his hair surrounding the Butt Hole.   I can vividly remember his scent when he finished a long run around the Temple. I can still see his face when he was deep in prayer. Or hear his moans when he was about to cum.  We would splash together in the river, holding on to eachother tight.  We would walk naked through the woods and I would watch his Balls bounce with each step he took. 
        I can feel his Dick inside me and his arms around me that last day before he left the Temple.  Our last Temple retreat before he left this world at such a young age.  MY Greg! On this the Anniversary of that tragic day, I continue to honor his memory every time I Fuck. Every time I lick an Ass, every time I cum.   

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just some stuff

         Good morning all you horny devils!  Some one asked me what I considered sexy.  That is hard to really say in a short time.  But I will say that the guy in the header photo sure comes close to my favorite type of guy.  Ya know... slightly hairy, fills out his undies nicely, a little trashy and great legs. Just to let you know.... I swiped this photo from a Blogger Buddy,who has a nack for often choosing sexy trashy guys.  go check him out sometimes, tell him I sent you.  And on another note  hop over to a great friend of this blog and find out all about checking your Balls.
         I also want to welcome all the new readers and followers.  Go ahead and ask me any question at all..I am always happy to impart my thoughts on any subject. But specially if your question happens to involve Dicks or Asses! 
         This evening after work I am supposed to meet Aldo and Max for drinks. I have a feeling that they are going to tell me that they are thinking of leaving town or maybe they are contemplating a major change in their relationship.  If they do decide to relocate I know Max's brother Marc will be heartbroken.  (if you are new to my blog.... these brothers Max & Marc are really majorly so and all of us know that they enjoy their sex time together. Including Aldo who does the sexing thing with both of them... 
      OOPS, I just looked at the clock... gotta go shower hand head off to work..... Talk with you tomorrow morning!  Cheers!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Twos for Tuesday (Randy and Me Sunday Night)

         I had a blast so glad you invited me!  I could tell you had fun. I think you did also. 
    I sure did. 
I had never been to a sex party before.  And?
 And, I want to do it all over again.  Well, William usually does one of these parties every few months.  
    He seems like a reall sweet guy. Like he wanted to make sure everyone was enjoying things.  And it was so cool to see so many different ages of guys.
I sure know now that older guys enjoy sex as much as anyone else. 
      Maybe we older guys enjoy sexing even more that you younger ones. 
 It was cool to watch you getting your ass pounded.  How many times did you get Fucked. 
      Four, I did not cum each time, but I did when I was watching you with that one rentboi with his hugh Dick cumming on your face.  He was really hot. 
     His Dick was way to fat for me to take all the way.  It looked like you sure tried.  
     All this talk about the party has gotten me  horny and hard.... lets turn out the light and Fuck. Yes Sir!