Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Thoughts on LOOKING

            Good morning guys!   First things first, thanks for dropping by! And to my fellow bloggers who I check out most every day...sorry I have not taken the time to leave a comment..... I will, I promise!
            I almost never talk here about TV shows here..there are plenty of others who can do a better job than I.  But I just finished watching all of last season's and the first 2 of this season of the HBO series LOOKING!   I completely love it.   For this older Queer...I never thought I would see such an open and frank TV show.  Well of course there was QUEER AS FOLK.... but somehow this seems so much more real.  
          Butt Fucking in the woods, conversations about cleaning your insides before sex, talking about being afraid to suck on an uncut dick for the first time....On TV!  Paying a rentboy to Sex with your boyfriend so you can watch, Flip Fucking with your boss..... this show has really got things right.  
         All the guys talk to eachother about who they have been Sexing and what they did. Some of the conversations reminded me of some of the conversations I have with my Buddies.  
So I was wondering if any of you have been watching and if you find it to be realistic.  And I wonder how open you are with your guy friends as to your sexual habits.   
   Ok.... not sure if I will be posting tomorrow... I have a Fuck date tonight with that Surfer Dude I met.  I Fucked him in the restroom, now he is gonna Shove his Dick up my Butt!  I am in the middle of packing to move.... but you can be sure I will let you know what is going on.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Very short post today

             Good morning!  Well............. Just a short post this morning.  Gotta get to work early today.
At least I made sure I had time for a good Cum already.  I don't know about all of you...but if I do not start my day with a good Cum, things just seem to be out of order all day long!  As much as I  adore lsucking on some guy's Dick, or having mine slurped on, or a rough Fcuk in the morning...... if you want to know the truth.... for me a long, slow Jerk Off alone is simply the best way to start the day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

            Good Morning guys!    For any of you in the North East..I feel for you!  I hope you are keeping cozy and warm.  I also hope that you have a nice warm body to keep you company while the snow is doing it's thing.   Having lived in New York City long ago...I remember snowstorms well.
           I guess I was 18 or 19. Living in a tiny,tiny flat in The Village with two other guys my age.  I was working at one of the theaters, the other two were doing odd jobs and selling themselves by the hour.  Damn, we had fun that winter!  One week the snow was so bad almost everything in the city shut down for a couple of days.   But not the Johns that wanted sex.  The demand was a little overwhelming for my two roomies.  So I did what a good friend would do.... I pitched in and lifted my legs and opened my Butt hole to these paying Dicks.   
        There was one guy,who after he did his business with me one afternoon, kept calling to pay for me again and again.  I knew he was a theater actor and was deeply in the closet.  To this day, I remember his Dick and how he would bite my ear just the moment before he came.  He went on to win a Tony Award years later.