Friday, October 24, 2014


              Good morning guys!    Finally this week is almost over!  One medium size party to work on today and then set it all up tomorrow afternoon.  It is really kinda of cool. It is a breakfast engagement party for two guys. I've been in the event businees for many years and I never ever thought I would be doing a party for two guys who are getting married this winter!  No matter what I think about is truly wonderful that it is finally happening.
          So, I am not sure if I will post tomorrow morning or not...might have to wait until the afternoon or Sunday morning.  You see..there is that long ago Ass that wants my attention again before he leaves town.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lovely Butts

            Hi guys!  wow, lots to tell you all!  But unfortunately I just do not have the time this morning.
One of the most beautiful Butts just left my apartment & I am still in a kind of daze.  Da Dick O'Mine did such a good job on him off and on all night long.  He squealed with total pleasure each time I entered his hole.  And I could not believe that I was Fucking and Fucking and Fucking this beautiful Butt once again after a 5 year absence!  I know you want toknow more...but it will just have to wait until late.  I gotta go shower and wash his scent off my Balls.   

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Marc & Max

                  Good morning guys!  Thanks so much for dropping by. And I want to thank all the new readers for giving my little blog a try. Please come back often and please leave a comment and let me know what you think.
                Busy,busy day at work today!   At least I can look forward to a nice long swim after work.  I'm gonna meet Marc for a Swim and Vodka.  He wants to talk about his brother Max.  This should be interesting.  If you remember, Aldo has stopped seeing Max.  And Max has moved in with Marc for the time being. And Aldo has sort of shut himself off from the rest of us.  OYE! Such entanglements!
   No matter how much Max loves Aldo  there is no way he is gonna give up sexing with his brother Marc  they are just too close.