Wednesday, November 26, 2014

More beautiful Dicks today

            Good morning guys!    Before I go and jerk off this morning, I want to once again thank all the new readers.  And my dear faithful longtime readers, thanks for all the support and comments you send.   I love putting together this little blog each and every morning. And to know that there are some days 400 or 500 half naked guys reading my a real kick!   So, at this time of the year when everyone gets thankful for what they have..... I thank you all!  
         I guess I am still on a major Dick Picture thing.   I am sure you do not mind at all.  And I am sure the you love Dicks as much as I do.    I am not sure about a post tomorrow..... I am taking Randy and his Dick to meet an old friend who is visiting about an hour away tomorrow.  He and I used to run the streets of New York in our young slut years.  He was soooo hot back then.  He could Fuck 8 or 9 guys in one evening and still get hard when he got back to our little flat to Fuck me.                                
      Anyway...he has not been well lately and I thought that a gift of Randy's young beautiful Dick...would really cheer him up over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Randy is a good sport and loves not only showing but using his Dick & Ass whenever possible.  
      So if I do not have a chance to post tomorrow.... I am wishing every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Twos for Tuesday

            Good morning my horney friends!  Wow! I do not know what happened to yesterday's post.
I just realized that only one photo showed up.  How odd!   Anyway, I did not have too much to say yesterday.   This morning's post is of course all about getting together with a good buddy or just some  hot random guy you just met.
           I keep talking about how important to make sure that your Dick is kept happy and healthy. And one of the best ways is to make sure he gets to cum often. We all know how easy and wonderful it is to jerk off 2 or 3 times a day.  But Your Dick wants another human's touch.  Yes...he needs that every now and then.   He needs to slide in a wet mouth and be sucked on.  He often needs the feeling of a tight Ass Hole squeezing him.  And most definately he needs to know he is loved. 
         And for a large number of us Queers, he needs to be somewhere he has not been before.  And I have said before here.... for me... the best place is to be sliding in and out of a new Ass Hole or a brand new mouth.  Am I right?  I think for most of you I am right.