Friday, August 1, 2014

Get Sexual!

               Wow, I can't believe that July is over already!  Oh, sorry, Good morning!  So, how was your summer so far?  I trust you have been making sex whenever you can this summer.  I know I talk about this often, and I know it might get old to some of you.... but is so important not only for your well being, and your soul, but also for your health.... to be sexing often.     
             I received an email from a new reader who tells me he has not had his Dick touched nor  his Ass patted in over a year. And he is not sure why? And the kicker is he is only 20!!  OMG!  A guy his age should be out there Fucking and Sucking to his hearts delight!  He says his problem is that he does not know if he is a Top or a Bottom. And wants to know how do you know which one you are?  Ah! Those labels....
            Some of us just know right off that we want something up our bum.  I knew from an early age that sticking a finger in my ass hole  felt good.  And the first time that guy slid his Dick in me...I knew, wowo did I know!  But this guy would not just let it be that way only... he got me hard and sat on my still quite young Dick and this Versatile Queer was born.
           My advice to this reader is simple..... often you really do not know what you like until you try it. And if  you are not ready for any type of anal least make sure you are getting and giving a good blow job or a hand job every so often.  Man to man contact is so important and the lack of it can't be over stated. 
          No one says you MUST be either a Top or a Bottom.... you can be whatever you wish, as long as you are sharing your cum with some one!  So at least go out and get sexual!
         P.S.  Waiter Guy and I ARE going to meet that guy tonight.  And I trimmed Waiter Guys's Balls and ass last night and.... well... yes I just has to sample them before I went home.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bums & Balls for Thursday

             Holy Fuckin Shit!  You really want to do this with him again?  
 Why not? He wants your Dick up his ass. 
 He said that?  Yeah.... you had fun last time, right? 
 Sure did..but I thought his wife was causing problems for you. 
 I don't care about that bitch!
  If you are ok with it..then my dick is ready to play. 
 I knew you would say that.
 Where and when? 
 Well...he lost the condo, so he has rented a hotel suite on the Ocean. He said Friday after work he will be checking in. He has the place till Sunday afternoon. 
 Cool.... I am gonna get totally wasted! 
 You doing anything tonight? 
 I need my balls  shave and my pubes trimmed.  
 I'll stop by your place after work and do them for you. 
 Great.... you are a real friend!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some Ass is itching for my Dick

            Good morning!  As always I am so glad you have taken the time to stop by and chat for a moment or two.  I just realized this month is almost over!  Damn this went fast.  I have so much to do at work to catch up... ugh!   I also have to meet with a new bride today.  I sure hope she is better than that bitch I met with last week.
            Oh..... talk about my you remember that former groom that Waiter Guy & I Fucked with?  Well... I got a message from him..... "my ass is itching for you and your friend's Dicks"  
            I am sure that Waiter Guy would enjoy that.  The guy said he has rented a lovely suite and a beautiful ocean front hotel here and wants us both to spend the weekend with him.  I don't know about the whole weekend... but we shall see.  I do remember that he has a perfectly round and firm ass that is just slightly furry with darker curls of hair surrounding his pink hole.   Yeah.... I am ready to tap that one.
        Of course I will let you know what happens.  But for now.... please pull out your Dick and beign your morning jerk off...1...2....3.....begin!