Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Another scheduled post for my friends!

Walking through the woods with the summer breeze kissing my Balls
Drips of sweat running down my back landing in my Butt Crack
I need to pee...I need to shower the ground.

Da Dick is soft and hanging, the piss is streaming and I feel good.
A hand grabs my Balls... a short chubby young guy is right there.
His mouth is open....I let loose my golden water....and fill his mouth.

He is sucking.... he is licking....he is laughing.
His mouth is full of my creamy cum.
He smiles and says
"Welcome neighbor"
                              Oh yes! I am liking the whole naked in the woods thing! 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Hello my dear sweet readers!  I had time today (it is Sunday) to slip on some shorts and a shirt and walk into town and sit here and send you all my good thoughts!
The longer I spend time here out in the middle of nowhere, the more I am loving it! And being naked 99% of the time is a real wonderful feeling. Waiter Guy was here for the weekend  and he and Josh got along great!  After Waiter Guy left this afternoon...Josh told me that Waiter Guy had the sweetest tasting Ass Hole ever!  ( well...I knew that)  
Oh... turns out there is an older gay couple that have a place a couple of miles from here and are friends of Johs's.  They are coming by this evening for dinner and like Josh puts it "stuff"!
So, my friends you can see that I am doing fine...I do have to decide what I am going to do next...I mean..I can't just stay here naked for ever.  

Thursday, July 21, 2016

I am doing fine.

Hello to all my friends!
 This is Queer Heaven's happy Dick here out in the middle of nowhere Florida.
I am having the best time hanging between his legs and swinging free and open.
Being naked is so wonderful. 
I even got to shove myself in a local's mouth and filled his smiling face with tons of Cum.
And a big surprise.... Waiter Guy is heading our way for the weekend.
I need to shove myself deep in that beautiful ass of his.
I will keep you informed next time Queer Heaven brings me to this little cafe.