Saturday, September 20, 2014

On the way home yesterday..."¿Quieres follar conmigo?"

              Good morning!  Da Dick O'Mine would like to welcome the new readers!   He has been a little upset with me for not letting him out to play since the party.  And you should have heard him all day yesterday..... just because I let Waiter Guy sleep off his drunk instead of fucking... he kept getting hard at the most inopportune times!   
             I was sitting at the consultation table going over things with a new client and her hubby..when all of a sudden... I pop a real boner!  Later in the day, I am doing a walk through of a wedding venue and when the groom to be reached over to shake my hand...yep! I pop another one! 
I get back to the office and find one of my drivers changing his uniform and Snap! I'm hard as a rock! 
          Finally the day was over and I am on my bike..on my way home... I really need to have a piss, so I swing by the public restroom.  I whip out Da Dick and he is happily erect.  You do realize it is quite hard to piss standing at a urinal while hard. 
          So... I decide to go a head and let Da Dick cum.... I start to rub on him a bit and in walks an older Cuban guy..... like older than me.  I don't stop what I am doing right away.  He now has his Dick out and begins to piss next to me.  With out a word, he reaches over and begins to jerk me..I turn around and let him take Da Dick O'Mine in his mouth.  In just a moment this guy is licking up my pre cum.  He smiles and says "wanna Fuck me?"   I am still dripping pre cum as we move into a stall.... he slips a condom on me..bends over and takes both hands and opens up his extremely furry butt hole.  Da Dick O'Mine is so, so happy to just push right in and pound away doing his duty!  When I know I am close ..I pull out..remove the condom and shove Da Dick O'Mine in this guys mouth and just cum.  I pull my pants up stuff Da Dick in and as I turn to exit the stall, I notice this guy is still sitting on the floor with a hugh smile on his face.  A little bit of cum still on his lips.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday morning Booty Call...NOT!

             Good morning!   Lovely morning here.  I slept like a log last night.  And this morning I feel sooooo good! It was around 5AM. I stuffed my morning wood into a pair of Calvins and took my coffee out to the front terrace.  I was getting super comfortable just being there, when the phone inside rang.  (I am one of thses few people that does not have a cell phone)
           It was Waiter Guy... he just left one of the clubs and was totally drunk.  He kept telling me how much he "loves u ass" and needed to Fuck me hard right now.  He tells me that he had fucked a guy earlier in the men's room and wants to do me next.  
         At least he was smart enough not to drive to my place.... he took a cab and arrived smelling like a hot mess! When he leaned in to kiss me hello.... I am sure that the scent of cum was still on him.   I sat him down and told him he was too high and drunk to do anything.  I took him inside and sat him on my bed. I am trying to undress him and he keeps kissing me and grabbing on Da Dick O'Mine.  Finally I get him undressed to his cum stained undies.... Ok... I will admit I needed to lick on those undies....  But sex was out of the question while he was in this state.  It was not long at all before he just passed out!
        Well... it is now 8:15AM and his beautiful furry butt is still sleeping across my bed.  I need to finish this post and get to work. I will just leave him there to sleep it off.  I wonder how much he will remember when he wakes up later? 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beat your meat

               Good morning!   Welcome to my Queer Heaven!   Yes, it is my world here and it is totally Queer!  This is a life where there are a couple of very importint things to keep you sane.
                First... you gotta be totally open to yourself and every one else as to who you are.  Yeah, we we all know you are a guy that happens to love other guy's private parts. And not only that but you know that you really would like to take that Dick of yours and cum when ever you can.  So... right now, before you read any more.... pull your Dick out and start rubbing him.  If you feel you want to cum right away..go ahead.  Or you can savor the feeling and do a long slow one.  Either is fine, the important thing is that you cum.  I really believe that in order to have good mental and spiritual gotta cum often.
          And secondly, since you are a human and humans need physical contact with other humans,  don't let too long go by without giving yourself the joy of another man's touch.  Another man's Dick in your face. Another man's Ass Hole on your tongue. Another man's Dick up your Butt. Another man's Cum on your lips. 
        Do not waste your Queer Life!  Go out an be fulfilled. Go out and Get Fucked. Go out and stuff your Dick deep in a sweet tight Ass.  And if for some reason you are unable to find a partner for these pleasures this weekend.  Then spend your time lying on your back,with your Dick in hand and just jerk away the day!