Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday is for Butt Hole Fun

             Hey there!  Good morning!  I think this is a good day to sit back and just spend the morning playing with your Butt Hole.  So...... grab your favorite Dildo...or a nice long Cucumber..or maybe a Beer Bottle.... Shove it in and enjoy the feeling!  
             I know that some of you never Bottom.... that is your choice of course!  But if you are not at least fingering your Butt Hole, then you are really missing out on some true pleasure. And using an object up there to massage your Prostate just makes the whole thing so much better.  Forget about all your hang-ups.... If you do not want a Dick up your least take care of it your self.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Welcome to July!

          We had talked for hours sitting on the beach. 
 The sun was slowly heading to sleep.
 His fingers were on my leg. 
Another Vodka, another Cigarette, another moment of silence. 
 His fingers were on my crotch. 
 Another Vodka, another Cigarette, another moment of silence. 
 His fingers were on my belly. His fingers were in my shorts. His fingers were on my Dick.
 Another Vodka, another Cigarette, another moment of silence. 
 His fingers were holding my Balls. His fingers we in my Hole.
 Another Vodka, another Cigarette, the sun was gone.
The Dicks were hard....the Cum was flowing.
         We then slept at my place.  
Another morning coffee, another cigarette, another moment of silence. 
 He left just moments ago. 
 Another morning coffee, another cigarette, another day to begin. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

             Good morning!  It is so nice to see you here this morning.  I've noticed there a quite a few new readers lately.  I am so glad you found my little blog!  I hope you drop your pants and stop by often.   I  have not done this in a very long timer and figured since so many of you are new here I would give you a list of a few of my favorite things!!
             Number one and foremost.... A strongly scented Cut Dick surrounded by a full Pubic Bush.
 I enjoy my Vodka cocktails, large cups of strong black coffee and I do smoke.  Slightly dirty white underwear briefs get me hard rather quick.
             Sliding Da Dick O'Mine in a furry tight Hole is close to perfection.  Underarms....the sweatyer the better.  I completely adore the feel of last night's dried cum in my Pubes.  I enjoy seeing a pile of used condoms.   
             I am mad for Opera, Modern Art, Jazz and Ballet.  I love watching old black and white movies.  I can go crazy over some really hot porn.  Annie Lennox is just the greatest singer ever.
             I relish the taste of Cum.... I swoon over the taste of Butt Holes.... Drop a pair of Balls in my mouth and......
            I enjoy playing both Top and Bottom.  I find sucking on a new Dick very special.  And Fucking a guy I just met moments before is what often keeps me sane.   
           I like fingers up my butt....I like Dildos and other toys up my butt.  I love the feel of hot piss on my chest.  I get a thrill watching a guy in a public restroom take his leak.
          I enjoy watching one of my fuck buddies who I have fucked hundreds of times getting fuck by some random dude in the woods. I love being naked at the beach.... I guess I just love my Queer life.