Monday, January 26, 2015

Mish - Mosh Monday

           Good morning Good Friends!   Thanks for dropping by today!  I trust that you took your Dick someplace really cool this weekend.  I also hope that if you did not read yesterday's post, that you take the time to do so and let me know your thoughts.
          I was suposded to spend most all of the weekend packing for my move....but I sort of got laywaid but a scrumptious Butt Hole, that just could not be put off.  I know.... I just can't resist a chance for sexing!   
         I had spent most all day Saturday sorting out things and packing. Randy was over to help me for part of the day.  Trying to pack things when your buddy keeps grabbing your balls, does not make the job go faster.  Nor did it help when he decided he needed to take time out and jerk off.  I kept on working while he did his business....he was ready to cum and the good friend that I am.... stepped in and drank up his delicious load.
      Yesterday....I woke up early and did my morning meditation and realized I was starving.  So, I slipped on some shorts and a ratty old tee shirt and biked down the road to this little breakfast joint.
Sitting at the counter was a Blond Surfer Dude who kept looking at me as I ate my scrambled eggs.  I smiled and he came over to my table "Do you remember me Daddy?" 
     Holy Fuck!  I sure did.   We had Sexed in a public restroom stall months and months ago.  I finished my eggs, had a second cup of coffee as he told me how much he remembered My Dick!  
      Well..... what was a good Queer to do?  Of course I did!  The taste of his Ass was so sweet I thought that he must have washed it with honey!  He had a condom for me to use..but no lube... so a good amount of spit was need to get me in him.  But when I was in...ah! ah! ah! He clenched his muscles tight and that was it!  This Daddy let him have everything I had. I mean I  Fucked him hard...real hard... I pulled out, dropped the condom on the restroom stall and shoved Da Dick O'Mine in his waiting mouth.  I licked up the drips off his chin.
    We went back to the table had another coffee and then he headed off.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Sermon...... Da Butt, Da Ass....Queer Heaven!

                 Good morning and Happy Sunday my friends!   As you can see from the title today, my mind is on that glorious hole.  That mesmerizing part of our anatomy.  The most private and intimate entryway to sheer Heaven.  The secrets to our being are hidden from sight just slightly inside, often covered by fuzzy fur.  Some of us have slightly pink holes...others are ringed with dark skin.  This amazing muscle can stretch to fit most anything we wish to shove into it. A Dick, A Dildo, A Finger or two, A Cucumber, A Bottle..... the options are endless.
                You can rub your hands over each round firm cheek, you can slowly take a finger and slide it in that warm space.  You can let your tongue taste his goodness.  You can make him squirm a little when you let your Dick Head slide over the crack. You can feel the muscle loosen a little as you begin to enter. And when you are in, totally in, if he his a good bottom you will feel him tightening around your Dick.
               You can lay there with your legs spread with your hole waiting.  You feel ther wetness of his tongue. As he slips a finger in you realize that your Dick has drops of precum.  He is deep in you pounding on your prostate and your soul has just become totally elated. Your Dick is now hard and your hole is ready for more.
                This all comes to my mind partly because last night Randy, Marc & I were out for Dinner and Drinks. And as often happens, the conversation turned to sex.  Both Randy and Marc were talking about how they each love a good Butt.  And how different some Bottoms play their part. And how some Tops just do not know how to do the deed correct.  
             The three of us all agreed that there is nothing more beautiful or sensual than having your Dick inside.  That is unless... it is your Butt that is being filled by a good buddy! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Question for you all today.

                Good morning!  I know I say this all the time, but I really mean it..... thanks so much for dropping your pants and siting back to see what is going on in my Crazy Queer World!
                 Do you remember Randy's Chubby friend?  Well.... besides being one of the sweetest guys I have met in a long time, he has become quite the major slut!  Even though he is in his mid thirties, he has only recently come out of his shy shell.  He has realized that he is an extraordinary Bottom!  And is totally enjoying this new found pleasure.  
               He stopped by last night to help me do some of the packing for my apartment move.  And as all you longtime  readers know.... clothes are left at my front door. So we had a pleasant time sorting things and packing things while having a few Vodkas.  And he is telling me all about his latest sexing.
Aparently the other week, he had met this guy in a Bar and of course they went to this guys place and did the important Fucking stuff.  
             After they were done, this guy told Chubby Guy he was the best Bottom ever & he had a couple of friends he was sure would like to get into his Ass. This guy even offered to pay him to open his hole for his 3 friends.  Well, Chubby Guy was floored! ( remember, up until last year he was a shy stay at home sort of guy)  He told the guy he would think about it..but no pay was needed.  
           So I told him I thought he was crazy for not charging if they wanted to pay.  What do you think?  If some guy told you he had 3 hot dudes that would Sex you for money, would you accept?
I know I did in my youth.