Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pool party day!

                Good morning!   Thank you once again for dropping by for a little coffe and chat.  As you can see from the photo above.... Da Dick O'Mine is so ready to play this afternoon.  He has been semi hard like that since he was invited to the pool party.  I love it when he stays semi hard.  It feels so good.  Every once in a while he will stand at full attention while I am doing things around the apartment.   He kept begging me to let him cum this morning.   I was gonna hold off cumming until the party...... but I figured I have quite a few hours until right after I took the above photo...I sat and watched a little porn.... Pierre Fitch to be exact and came all over myself.   Yes! I watch porn like any othe guy.
               I am so looking forwaed to the nude pool party this afternoon.  Listen guys...if yo have never been to one.... you gotta find one to go to.  This one will be like some others I have been to  the host supplies the place and usually food the guests all give a donation and bring their own Booze. 
Anythng goes at these parties. One major exception is barebacking.  Any one caught sticking there Dick in an ass without a condom, is ofte asked to leave.   And for those of you that might be a little shy.   You can always just lay by the pool and watch what is going one will force you to do anything.   If you can't get to one of these least take your Dick outside and let him enjoy the afternoon sun.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happiness is............

             Good morning!   It is a lovely morning here!  Even though I need to work today...I don't need to be in until 11AM....I took Da Dick O'Mine to the beach first thing today.  He really needed to be out in the air a little.  The beach was totally empty, so off came my shorts and I just went swimming.
An early morning nude swim really helps clear my head.
            It is Memorial Day Weekend anf this town is totally over run with tourists!  I put an ad on craigslist last night and got 38 replies.   Lots of horney guys in town!  I picked out one at random..and answered him...he answered back and in less than 20 minutes his super fat Dick was in my mouth.  He was uncut... not my favorite... but he tasted good.  I really wanted to get Fucked, but he was not into that..just being sucked.  So I just continued.... and when he came.... and oh boy did he cum....I was almost choked with the amount that kept spurting down my throat. 
           The buddies and I are all going to a Nude Pool party tomorrow afternoon.  A friend of William's is hosting at his new house.  I understand there will be mostly older guys there that I never met.  That is great.  Me and my Fuck Buddies are always ready for some new Dicks and Asses.
          Of course I will tell you all about it.  What are your Sex Plans for this holiday weekend?

Friday, May 22, 2015

His first Fuck

     Lift your legs a little higher.  
Let yourself go. 
 Be calm, be quiet.  Be still. 
 Let my fingers touch you. Let my tongue taste you. 
You see, I told you that would feel good. 
 Now bend your knees and relax. 
 This is going to hurt at first. 
This is going to burn a little. 
This is going to give you such pleasure. 
 Now take a deep breath, I'm sliding in.
  No, no relax.   Ah yes, that is better. 
 You see, I told you it would be good. 
 Go ahead and grab your dick and rub. 
 I'll pump and you jerk.  And we can come at the same time.