Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oye! It is only thursday!

      Good morning!  I can't believe it is only Thursday..... this week seems soooo long!  But the weekend will be here soon.  I am hoping that the weather is good, I would really like to spend either Sat or Sun on the nude beach.  Maybe Marc will be interested.... who am I kidding, he always is interested in getting naked!  Wow...when I think about has been a few weeks since I had his Dick in my face.  
     I got a message from last weekend's rentboi, wanting to know if I wanted another session.  Very tempting, but I passed for now.  I think a fun session with Marc is what sounds good to me.  I got an email from one of you asking which one of my current fuck buddies I like best.  I'll be honest.... I like each of them for different reasons. 
    MARC.... Sweet, kind, loves to laugh, drinks like a fish and always Fucks like it is his first time.
    WAITER GUY...Absolutly the most beautiful butt ever, willing to try anything once & tastes salty.
    RANDY.... Young, hot, big balls, furry ass hole, & cums more than anyone I know. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Morning Wood!

          Good morning!  Thank you all so much for your comments and emails the past couple of days!
I, like any other blogger like to know what you think of these little posts. Even if you do not agree with me,I still like to know how you feel.
          We are very busy at work today and tomorrow...62 cebterpieces need to be made for a Friday morning brunch party.  Lots of work and I am afraid long late hours.  So I reall do not have a whole lot of time to chat with you this morning.  So...... I thought I would just browse through my files and post photos of some beautiful, Erect Dicks for you.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tows for Tuesday

            Good morning!   As usual I am sitting here in my undies drinking my morning cup of coffee, and figuring out how to respond to one of yesterday's comments.  Fellow blogger and regular commentor Justin asked if I was starting a new religious cult and that my way seemed quite lonely.
          I appreciate the question and it really got me thinnking last night.  I'll start by saying that this little blog of mine is mainly about the joys of man to man sex. And my take on how to navigate through this life as a sexual being.  Over the past years that I have been blogging, I have often received emails that tell me that I focus on sex too much. Well..... Damn!  I am a man and it seems to me that mostly all men focus on sex most of the day even if they do not admit it.
        A new religious cult?  No way..I am following the Buddhist way in my life and it works just fine as it is.  And as for being lonely..... Who the fuck has time to be lonely? I may not have or want a life partner...that is my choice.  We all make our own choices and learn to live with them.  And my choices have led me to this point in my life.  A really good life I might add.
      I also know that what works for me is not what is going to work for you or you or you.  We each need to find our own path in our own way.  My way seems to include lots of sexing.  And I am so grateful that Da Dick O'Mine is happy and healthy and contines to be pleased with what I allow him to do.
     Be honest with yourself..are the choices you have made been working for you?  Whatever those choices may have been... there is always time to make new choices.
     Shit!!!! I just reread what I wrote first I was thinking I got a little too heavy and preachy...but no.... I really do believe that what I said is the right way for MY life and hopefully something I said will help some of you who are not fulfilled sexually,,make some changes in your life. 
P.S>   Justin's blog is alwaysworth stopping by.