Sunday, April 20, 2014

Buy yourself a Rentboi!

            Good Morning and a Happy Easter to my Christian friends!  I guess I should admit that I am one totally satisfied fella this morning.  Not only did yesterday's afternoon go amazingly well... so much more than I expected. Da Dick O'Mine is Hard and Happy! 
            At this moment I am lounging in a hugh bed on rumpled sheets that totally have the scent of cum.  The rentboi even left his sweat on the pillow.  Check out is not for a few hours, so I've ordered Scrambled Eggs & Lox and a bowl of mixed fruit.  There is a pair of stained underpants on the floor that he left.  A few used condoms in the trash can. The bathroom is a mess and the towels are on the balcony. 
            He arrived exactly on time, wearing exactly what I asked him to. Jeans and a white dress shirt. 
He looked exactly like he said he would. He is 33, slightly blond, slim build and so fucking sexy! When he stripped to his unders, his pubic bush stuck out from the waste band.  His furry ass was so firm!  His Balls were large and hung low. And his Cut Dick was like something out of a Porn Movie.
         I had asked him to bring more than one pair of underwear just for the fun of it. And the game was on. He had told me that he flip fucked, which is what I wanted. And we did. Oh yes we did!  On the bed, on the floor, in the shower, even outside on the balcony! 
       He was totally fun and open for anything.  He has been renting himself since he was 20 and knows what he is doing. I really enjoy my fuck buddies but this guy was one of the best at what he does.  Well...I should hope is his job!!!  This was money well spent!  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday morning at the Hotel

              Good morning!  Well..... here I am sitting in my underwear on the balcony of my lovely hotel room overlooking the ocean. there was an amazing thunder storm early this morning and it was beautiful towatch it from here.  It is weird, I am staying at a hotel only 1o minutes from my apartment, yet I feel like I am away on vacation somewhere else. 
             After I checked in yesterday, I headed to the SPA for my scheduled massage.  This was no  tug and pull kinda massage, this was the real deal. After the massage I relaxed in the hot tub and enjoyed a large Compari & Soda.  Later on I went downstairs a dinner of Squash Raviolli and a few glasses of wine.  By the time I finished it was after 10PM and I stripped down and fell dead asleep until early this morning.
          I need to go shower soon.... the rentboi I hired for the afternoon will be here at 11.  I've ordered a large pitcher of Bloody Marys and an Antipasto Platter from room service.  Da Dick O'Mine is so happy and ready for this! I keep telling him to calm down, it will not be too much longer. 
        I know it might seem foolish to be spending almost $1200.00 for this adventure...but this is my mini sexcation.  And I plan on enjoying it to the fullest.
      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and those of you who are Christian, Happy Easter!

Friday, April 18, 2014

A good Sexy weekend.

           Good morning dear readers!  Is it too soon to wish you all a great sex filled weekend?  Even after all the sexing I had at that party last weekend, Da Dick O'Mine is ready to play.  He and I had a talk last night (Da Dick and I).... he wants to TOP a new ass.  This is a good weekend for that, I think.
         All three of my Fuck Buddies are out of town for their Easter Holiday.  I'm thinking of giving myself a Holiday treat.  I have booked a room at one of our local Gay Friendly hotels for Tonight and Saturday. I have scheduled a full body massage for tonight and rented a guy for Saturday afternoon.  
You all know how I feel about Sex Workers.  Sometimes there is nothing more enjoyable than a good Rentboi for all afternoon sexing.  I do not have to worry if he really likes me or if Da Dick O'Mine is to his liking.  He is being paid to make ME feel good.  
     My question for all of you this morning is.... have you paid for sex ever? And if not why not?